Cloudscape eDiscovery, powered by Indexed I/O, offers a full-featured platform for e-discovery and investigations.  From in-line remote data collection, to data processing, analytics, review and production, the Cloudscape platform provides an end-to-end solution that is beautifully designed to emphasize ease-of-use, stunning speed and workflow efficiency.




Data Processing

Data processing is the bedrock of electronic evidence management and a critical first step in building your searchable evidence repository.

Cloudscape data processing is fast, flexible, and scalable, from a few files to terabytes of ESI.

We perform text and metadata extraction and OCR'ing - ALL at the initial processing stage.

We also feature:

  • Automated audio file transcription into searchable text

  • Built-in remote collection of cloud emails accounts (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) and Dropbox accounts

  • Identification and management of password-protected files

Early Case Analysis and Reporting

Email Communication Chart

Use interactive charts, graphs and exportable reports to gain early insight into data trends or plan filtering and review workflows.

Survey email domains to flag potentially hot or privileged communications.

Use email communication charts and graphs to spot promising leads.

Drill down instantly on specific time- frames and custodians.

Search and Review

Search across client text and metadata, integrating full Boolean search while leveraging previous saved searches.

Turn searches into review sets instantly.

Create custom tagging forms with built-in tagging rules and user-specific permissions.

Apply full email family tagging to ensure coding consistency.

Create and share unlimited comments with our Notes capability.

Group near-duplicate data with our ‘More Like This’ analytic.

Translate and review multi-language documents on-the-fly.



The Cloudscape platform provides robust production capability supporting exports in common industry formats such as PDF, TIFF and native.

Take advantage of customizable export options or select from industry-standard templates.

Apply image endorsements with flexible options (Bates, confidential, etc.).

Combine natives and images together with document-specific rules.

Generate customizable document placeholder images for spreadsheets, presentations, and other document types.