Electronic discovery is uniquely challenging.  Cloudscape brings relief and clarity to each engagement through expert guidance, practical experience, and a collaborative approach with our clients to deliver the right technical, strategic and cost-effective solution for each project. 

Cloudscape delivers a full range of services and technology solutions to support any type of e-discovery project, including tailored packages for small firms and solo practitioners.





Electronic Evidence Processing

Unpacking, indexing and normalizing your data is an essential first step to move the process quickly to data reduction, document review and/or production.  We use state-of-the-art processing tools that are nimble and scalable, injesting evidence volumes ranging from a small handful of documents to terabytes of data.  We support a wide spectrum of data types, from traditional email and e-docs, to mobile and social media collections.


Early Case Analysis and Reporting

Early planning is crucial to gaining insight into your data, resulting in better workflows and case management strategies.  We leverage tools and reporting to interpret your data from different perspectives, providing insights and guidance about data composition, noteworthy trends or potential risks.

Gain immediate insights on data composition with graphical reporting on your evidence collection



System File Removal, De-duplication and Advanced Filtering

Our processing includes the identification and removal of NIST-indentified system files, HASH-based de-duplication and advanced filtering methods.

Data filtering is a highly customizable process, from date-range and search-term culling, to additional strategies based on file types and other criteria.  We work with you to determine the best strategy for your project.



Web-Based Document Review

Web-based document review platforms should be, above all, user-friendly and fast.  We support you with unparalleled search speed, smooth navigation, and helpful tools making your work easier, day after day. 

One tool among many, Document Timeline allows for quick analysis and immediate drill down to specific date ranges for review.



Document Production and Privilege Logs

With a flexible production toolkit, we support standard or customized production specifications, outputting in common industry formats such as PDF, TIFF and native.  We also offer tools and strategies to simplify privilege log preparation.



E-discovery Project Management

Years of e-discovery project management experience means you gain a partner that sees, listens, and assesses each project for the unique engagement that it is.