Whether your e-discovery project involves a contract dispute, intellectual property matter, personal injury, internal investigation, or other criminal or civil litigation involving electronic data, Cloudscape tailors the solution to your specific challenges.


Project Initiation: A Consultative Approach

The first step is a conversation to gather details about your e-discovery project.  Regardless of project size, we listen, identify the relevant details about your matter, and respond promptly with a proposed solution and clear cost estimate. 


Project Execution: Seasoned & Responsive E-discovery Project Management

Once kicking off a project, we work with you to define the next steps, balancing a practical approach with strategic priorities.  Many projects follow a traditional trajectory of data collection, processing, review and production.  However, we stay attentive to the unique aspects of every project, looking for ways to apply our expertise to give you an edge in your matter.   


Training and Support: A Wealth of Individualized Resources

We offer different levels of support, depending on your needs and work style.  This includes live trainings and hands-on guidance throughout the project.  We also offer a wealth of additional resources, such as written training materials, customized video tutorials, workflow design documents, and more.